Mincom releases Ellipse 6

SOFTWARE and services company Mincom has released a new version of its fully integrated Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) application suite, Mincom Ellipse 6.

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Mincom Ellipse 6 provides an integrated solution to industries relying on optimal asset performance, and is delivered from a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) platform.

“The use of technologies such as SOA and Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) infrastructure allows us to introduce products that enable customers to respond more rapidly to future business opportunities,” said Mincom executive vice president of Research and Development Paul Beesley.

Mincom extended the EAI infrastructure in Mincom Ellipse 6, and said the use of SOA would allow it to rapidly and efficiently build new products to support changing business requirements.

Mincom Ellipse 6 builds on web-based technologies to deliver new collaboration capability that crosses over traditional enterprise application boundaries.

For example, an electronically published manufacturer's safety bulletin newsletter can trigger automatic planned maintenance activities.

Mincom has also expanded the mobile capability, extending the reach of enterprise applications.

New to Mincom Ellipse 6 is a fully integrated reporting and business intelligence solution, Mincom Ellipse Reporting.

As well as supporting all the typical enterprise reporting requirements, Mincom Ellipse Reporting allows customers to easily identify trends in operational data, access real-time information and analyse and optimise business performance.

A Mincom Work Planner application supports advanced maintenance planning and allows an organisation to optimally balance increased asset availability against the reduced costs of supporting that asset.

In addition, Mincom Work Planner offers a flexible outage management tool that makes scheduling and rescheduling many hundreds of activities easy and efficient.

Mincom Ellipse 6 will be available in general release from February 2006.

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