Richwood introduces Combi-Pact system

WEST Virginia-based Richwood Industries has added a new product, the Combi-Pact Clean Cut Belt Support System for Swing Arm Samplers, to its extensive industry line-up.
Richwood introduces Combi-Pact system Richwood introduces Combi-Pact system Richwood introduces Combi-Pact system Richwood introduces Combi-Pact system Richwood introduces Combi-Pact system

Richwood's clean cut belt support system.

Donna Schmidt

“It is the result some natural development in our product line, the way we’ve developed many products over the years,” Richwood Industries vice president Kevin Maloy told International Longwall News.

The Combi-Pact can be integrated into new samplers and can also be retrofitted to existing applications, making it possible for all operations with swing arm samplers to easily merge technologies.

The system also provides for optimum sampling quality through its belt support profile design, which also aids in a cleaner, more efficient operation as well as longer life for the belt by protecting it.

Maloy said much of the new addition’s design came from customer input and industry needs. “The components that we use are patented components that we designed initially for impact and loading zones on conveyors. Those products were developed from customer requests and our observations in the field of problems that our customers were experiencing at the time.”

The system, Maloy explained, is made up of three parts, including the Combi-Pact Impact Saddle and flanking Cushion Arc Idlers on each side at the entrance and exit on the conveyor.

“In the impact saddle, we designed a replacement for impact idlers intended for the loading zone of the conveyor that eliminated all moving parts and placed the device in a radius support profile of the belt, the correct support profile for belting per belting manufacturer for equal distribution of tension across the belt in load zones.”

The benefits of the design become especially important for mines at a time when efficient, productive operations are the only choice, and especially for those running at higher speeds.

The position of the system allows for a complete sample each time while keeping spillage of material to a minimum. Additionally, the quality of the sample taken is increased because of the matching of the profile to the sampler cutter, and the system is customised for each customer and that company’s needs, as it is designed to fit the full profile of the conveyor belt.

The key for operations, said Maloy, is ease and efficiency. “What we have done with this radius profile is we gave the belt a full-width radius support, eliminating support gaps that cause premature damage to belting load zones.

“When we designed these units, we put the emphasis on the replaceable wear surface, built a structural frame and impact cushion that are intended to be permanent,” adding that Richwood has taken this technology and incorporated it into various belt widths for all types of industry and material.

Ease and efficiency also means obtaining a quality, complete sample every single time, something the predecessors of swing arm samplers could not always offer.

Maloy said that once swing arm technology became more common, all of this has fallen into place, as “folks have always looked for the most accurate methods to sample their product to their customer, to their end user.”

Maloy promised that this system, like a vast majority of the products the company offers, will be custom-built to operations’ specifications and needs.

“When we get an order from [a company], we’ll go through the process of gathering engineering data from either an existing system in the field that we are retrofitting into or through a cooperative information exchange with the sampler system manufacturer to determine the required radius of support,” he said, adding that determining the swing arm radius and dimensions of the conveyor’s existing troughing idlers is needed to complete the specifications for a system.

The patented Combi-Pact Clean Cut Belt Support System for Swing Arm Samplers joins the Front Runner Performance Precleaner as Richwood’s two newest offerings in 2005; some of the company’s other mining products include the RockFlex 60 Profile Lining, the Combi-T Belt Cleaning System and the Combi-Lagg Ceramic Pulley Lagging.

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