India joins FutureGen

INDIA has joined the United States’ FutureGen project and will kick in $US10 million towards building and operating the world's first coal-based power plant that removes and sequesters carbon dioxide while it produces electricity and hydrogen.
India joins FutureGen India joins FutureGen India joins FutureGen India joins FutureGen India joins FutureGen

President Bush and Indian Prime Minister Singh announce joint agreement on FutureGen. Courtesy DOE.

Angie Tomlinson

India has joined the government steering committee led by the US Department of Energy. As a partner, Indian companies will be invited to participate in the private sector segment.

The FutureGen initiative is a 10-year effort announced by President Bush in 2003 to integrate advanced coal gasification technology, hydrogen from coal, power generation, carbon dioxide capture and geologic storage.

Secretary Bodman has invited government leaders of the multi-national Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum (CSLF) to become active participants in the FutureGen project. The CSLF is a voluntary climate initiative that includes 20 nations and the European Commission.

CSLF members are engaged in cooperative technology development aimed at enabling the early reduction and steady elimination of carbon dioxide.

India is the first CSLF member to participate in FutureGen, and it builds upon the US–India Energy Dialogue, launched in May 2005. That agreement aims to increase US–India trade and investment in the Indian energy sector by bringing together public agencies and private industries to develop secure, clean, reliable and affordable sources of energy.

FutureGen is scheduled to begin operations around 2012.