Ground control software updated

SOFTWARE used around the world for coal mine ground control planning has recently been updated and improved by peak US safety and research body NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health).
Ground control software updated Ground control software updated Ground control software updated Ground control software updated Ground control software updated


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The software is used is for geologic characterisation, mine layout, pillar design and support selection.

Analysis of Roof Bolt Systems (ARBS) is used to select the proper roof bolt system design and was developed from statistical analysis of extensive bolt performance and roof fall data. New features in Version 2 include the capability to analyse roof bolt systems that use two types of bolts and a cost module that estimates the total installed cost of different patterns. The module considers the costs of consumables, labour, maintenance and other factors.

The Support Technology Optimization Program (STOP) can be used to make judgements regarding which secondary support system will be the most effective and evaluate alternative support systems. Version 3.0 includes seven new support systems and allows users to design support with large load-shedding following yielding, based on peak loading and residual loading capability.

The Coal Mine Roof Rating (CMRR) replaces complicated geologic information with a simple numerical rating and it can be integrated into other exploration programs. Version 1.2 now includes the complete CMRR database with more than 250 ratings obtained from 70 different US coal seams as well as better Help facilities.

Analysis of Horizontal Stress in Mining (AHSM) helps find the optimum mine layouts for control of horizontal stress and can be used to analyse both development and longwall retreat designs. It shows how stress conditions vary as the entry, crosscut and panel orientations change.

Version 2 features improved graphics that allow users to observe the effect of design changes and additional resource files such as stress measurements in US coal mines.

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