Pump solution takes sting out of corrosive conditions

WORKING and abandoned mines with acidic or alkaline conditions now have access to corrosion-resistant dewatering pumps especially designed for extremely tough and demanding environments, thanks to a new range from submersible pump specialist ITT Flygt.

Angie Tomlinson

The new range of stainless steel pumps – for both drainage and solids handling – have been especially designed for pumping applications with a pH range of 2-10.

“Ordinary submersible pumps are designed to be used in the pH range 5-8. Our new stainless steel pumps have been developed and successfully tested for pumping liquids, sludge and suspensions in extremely tough and demanding environments,” business development manager Michael Hjelm said.

ITT Flygt said its corrosion-resistant pumps in the new 2700 range were designed to be extremely wear resistant, robust and easy to handle and maintain. The pump range consists of three drainage pumps and three solids handling pumps, all available for 50Hz or 60Hz.

Typical applications are acid mine drainage, wash water sumps in pickling bath processes in the steel industry, pH-neutralisation of the wet scrubber process in the steel and power industries, and utility drainage on landfill sites.