Coming to Australia

US MINING equipment and technology company ESCO has begun direct sales of its Hydra brand mining products to customers in Australia.
Coming to Australia Coming to Australia Coming to Australia Coming to Australia Coming to Australia

A Hydra combination shearer drum, courtesy ESCO

Justin Niessner

The Oregon-based manufacturer’s Hydra division provides a series of mining cutting systems, conveyor rollers, Hydrablast nozzles, drilling bits and carbide and wear parts.

In anticipation of the direct business model, the company has developed a shearer drum repair and rebuild facility in Mackay to service Queensland and New South Wales mining regions.

“ESCO is committed to providing its customers with the highest level of customer service and support, and moving to a direct relationship with our Hydra product customers in Australia will allow us to maintain those standards,” ESCO vice president for Asia, Australia, Africa and Europe Jeff Kershaw said.

Inventories of Hydra products have also been built at ESCO supply and service locations in Mackay and Rutherford, New South Wales.

ESCO previously worked with the Southern Engineering Services Group to distribute Hydra products in Australia.

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