Geotech group end-of-year event to be held at Capella

GEOTECHNICAL expert Ross Seedsman will give a half-day lecture on applications of rock mechanics to longwall mining at a meeting of the Bowen Basin Underground Geotechnical Society (BBUGS) on November 22 at the Capella Cultural Centre in Queensland.
Geotech group end-of-year event to be held at Capella Geotech group end-of-year event to be held at Capella Geotech group end-of-year event to be held at Capella Geotech group end-of-year event to be held at Capella Geotech group end-of-year event to be held at Capella

Ross Seedsman, Seedsman Geotechnics

Lou Caruana

This would be the last BBUGS meeting for the year, which holds quarterly meetings that generally include a visit to an underground coal mine in the morning followed by technical presentations in the afternoon, its chairman Ismet Canbulat told ILN.

“The year-end meeting of BBUGS is dedicated to our sponsors that financially support BBUGS,” he said. “Each sponsor is provided with a booth to exhibit their products and the opportunity to give a presentation on new developments to their product range and services.

"Since BBUGS membership is currently free we invite everyone who is interested in geotechnical engineering to attend our meetings.”

Technical experts Winton Gale, Professor Jim Galvin and Rob Thomas have given either full or half-day presentations at BBUGS events this year.

BBUGS was formed in July 2009 to satisfy the demand for an interest group catering specifically to those involved with underground geotechnical work, Canbulat said.

It is a non-profit organisation with the aims of providing a forum for mutual technical development, networking, expanding and sharing knowledge, special interest identification, specialist recognition, and establishment of national links, expert opinion and influence in relation to advancing the knowledge of all factors affecting the design, construction and operation of underground coal mines in the Bowen Basin.

This includes technical aspects, health and safety, and sustainable development.

It also seeks to review research and development of relevant projects, communicate with other associations concerned with the application, planning and practice of geotechnical aspects of underground coal mining.

In 2013, BBUGS technical presenters will include Russel Frith, Mark Colwell, Terry Medhurst, Peter Hatherley and Professor Bruce Hebblewhite.

“BBUGS members believe these information and knowledge sharing sessions are highly beneficial as they can learn and implement the latest technologies and the knowledge at their operations,” Canbulat said.

“This in turn improves the safety and productivity of underground coal mines operating in the Bowen Basin.

“We are also currently accepting nominations for our ‘geotechnical practitioner of the year’ award. Members have been asked to nominate a person, preferably from within the BBUGS ‘group’, who they feel has undertaken geotechnical work/investigations worthy of recognition within the 2012 calendar year. This award is to be presented at our next meeting.”

More information on BBUGS can be found at

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