No green tide for Gillard

ANTI-coal activist group Rising Tide dumped a small and inexpensive amount of coal outside the National Press Club in Canberra yesterday to draw attention to its climate change cause, but Prime Minister Julia Gillard was coy about the issue.
No green tide for Gillard No green tide for Gillard No green tide for Gillard No green tide for Gillard No green tide for Gillard

Rising Tide protests against the Gillard government.

Blair Price

In her address to the assembled media, Gillard spoke of a “clean, green and lean” election campaign, but did not reveal details on the government’s climate change stance.

This policy is expected to be worked out in upcoming cabinet meetings.

Before the May budget the government, under the leadership of deposed Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, shelved its Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme.

Consultancies ACIL Tasman, Concept Economics and Access Economics all predicted thousands of coal mining job losses under this emissions trading policy.

Gillard’s decision to avoid the climate change issue drew criticism from various environmental groups.

Rising Tide spokesman Steve Phillips also provided his outlook on the growing demand for thermal coal in Australia.

“Just this week, in Western Australia, three new coal-fired power stations were approved,” he said.

“There are more planned in South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.”