VSD reels in mines

SINCE 2006 ACE Conveyor Group has evolved its belt reeler design from traditional hydraulic equipment to a variable speed drive pinch roll and reeling system.
VSD reels in mines VSD reels in mines VSD reels in mines VSD reels in mines VSD reels in mines

ACE's VSD pinch roll and reeling system.

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Published in March 2010 Australian Longwall Magazine

While still a relatively new concept with many mines yet to take advantage of the technology, it is becoming increasingly popular with underground coal mines.

ACE currently has four VSD pinch roll and reeling systems operating – at Ashton and Austar in New South Wales, and Moranbah North and Carborough Downs in Queensland. Next to install the system will be the Narrabri and Crinum mines.

The VSD allows operators to accurately control reeler torque, providing both safety and productivity benefits.

The torque of the reeling system is precisely controlled through an electronic drive system, ensuring the winding tension is correctly applied during reeling from minimum to maximum spool diameter.

This avoids telescoping of the belt reel, giving a consistently wound roll of belt every time.

The pinch roll is also VSD-controlled, permitting both accurate reeling tension and speed.

“This is far superior to older hydraulic systems that had uncontrolled tensions and speeds,”ACE says.

“The use of an electrical solution has removed the necessity for large hydraulic hoses and their regular monitoring and maintenance.

“It also permits a simple and clean relocation of the reeler with no messy hydraulics to disconnect and reconnect.”

An electrical solution can also permit simple keypad adjustment of reeling parameters when required.

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