DCT expands DustBoss line

ILLINOIS firm Dust Control Technology has launched an expanded oscillation option for all three of its DustBoss fan-driven products, which can cover more than 125,000 square feet with a dust-trapping mist from one machine.
DCT expands DustBoss line DCT expands DustBoss line DCT expands DustBoss line DCT expands DustBoss line DCT expands DustBoss line

Dust Control Technology’s DustBoss at work.

Donna Schmidt

The company said it has designed a 359-degree oscillation option for its three ducted DustBoss designs – the DB-60, DB-45 and DB-30 – to provide a wider coverage than other comparably-sized dust suppression products.

“With nearly double the coverage, users can manage dust on a given job with a reduced number of machines,” DCT president Edwin Peterson said.

“Crews can maintain better focus on core activities, without having to relocate the units as often to manage adjacent areas.”

The company said that users will be able to order machines from the line with four pre-set oscillation arcs of their choosing, allowing customization for specific job sites and weather conditions.

DST incorporated similar research into the new technology that brought advancements for 180-degree coverage just a year ago.

The water inlet was shifted into a center feed with the new option to achieve a greater range of motion, and a larger oscillation motor manages the increased workload.

A closer look at DustBoss options

The company’s DB-60 is the largest of the group, incorporating 30 brass nozzles into a design that atomizes water into 50-200 micron droplets. This range is optimal for effective dust particle attraction, the company noted.

The unit is run by a 25 horsepower motor that generates 30,000 cubic feet per minute.

The atomized spray has a throw distance of over 200 feet and has a coverage area of over 2.8 acres.

The dust barrier coverage of the middle model, the DB-45, is about 70,000sq.ft with a throw of almost 150ft. It is powered by a 15HP fan and creates 18,000cfm of air flow.

As with the DB-60, the design of the DB-45 has an adjustable elevation of zero to 50 degrees, and the model also has an optional 10HP booster pump to increase water pressure to as much as 200 pounds per square inch.

Despite a smaller size, the DB-30 has capabilities to capture dust particles more effectively than many larger units.

The product is mounted on a movable carriage and has a 7.5HP motor that can generate 9,200cfm.

When the new 359-degree oscillation option is added, the company said, the DB-30 can cover an area larger than 30,000sq.ft.

All of DCT’s DustBoss models have the company’s Variable Particle Sizing technology, which includes a large range of different nozzles for various particle sizes.

The line is also available with dosing pumps as well as supplemental filter systems to permit non-potable water sources.