MMS cleans up in Queensland

Staff Reporter

MACKAY-BASED MMS Fluid Filtration continues to enjoy strong market acceptance of its longwall fluid filtration units, with two further installations taking its market share in Queensland to 11 of 13 Queensland longwall systems. The company says it has retrofitted its filtration system in most of the installations, replacing longwall OEM units.

The MMS units have achieved industry benchmark fluid “cleanliness” levels as low as ISO 13/9 — 32 times cleaner than OEM specifications. These were recently lowered because the MMS system had consistently achieved ISO 14/11 cleanliness levels. According to the company, the improved cleanliness level will further enhance the life of hydraulic components on longwall supports, prolonging the service life of the supports themselves.

MMS said its filtration pack incorporated 2-3 (depending on flow rates) in-tank filter cartridges rated at 4.5 micron Beta 5000. The unit was also valved so that elements could be changed “on the run”