Trouble on the Horizon

UNITED Mine Workers of America (UMWA) international president Cecil Roberts will meet with Horizon Natural Resources UMWA retirees tomorrow to discuss Horizon’s proposed bankruptcy plans, and on Wednesday will lead a march of UMWA protesters to where a federal bankruptcy judge will hear Horizon's bankruptcy disclosure statement.

Angie Tomlinson

Roberts is opposed to Horizon’s bankruptcy plan as he claims the company does not fulfill its contractual obligations to its UMWA workforce.

"As part of its bankruptcy plan, Horizon is asking the judge for permission to sell off certain properties minus the company's contractual obligations to its UMWA workforce, meaning successorship rights and promised health care benefits," said Roberts.

"The UMWA contract and the Coal Act remain in effect, and we will be in Lexington to remind the court that Horizon's plans blatantly violate both the contract and the Coal Act."

Roberts called on government to reform the nation's bankruptcy laws to protect workers when a company goes bankrupt.

“The labor movement has been fighting for bankruptcy and labor law reform for years now, and it's time that someone started listening," he said.

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