Peabody gets airborne with grant

PEABODY Energy's Mustang Energy Project in New Mexico has received a US$19.7 million grant from the Department of Energy under the second round of competition in President Bush’s 10-year, $2 billion Clean Coal Power Initiative (CCPI).
Peabody gets airborne with grant Peabody gets airborne with grant Peabody gets airborne with grant Peabody gets airborne with grant Peabody gets airborne with grant

U.S. Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham

Angie Tomlinson

The Mustang project teams Peabody with co-sponsor Airborne Clean Energy, along with Veolia Water North America, and Icon Construction, in a commercial-scale demonstration of the "Airborne Process" scrubber, regeneration system, and fertilizer production systems at the Mustang Energy Company 300 megawatt coal-fired Mustang Generating Station near Milan.

The $79 million project will develop an innovative and cost-competitive multi-pollutant control process for achieving 99.5% removal of sulfur dioxide, 98% removal of SO3 (sulfuric acid mist precursor), 98% removal of nitrogen oxides, and 90% total system removal of mercury from plant emissions, while turning the byproducts into a high-quality high-value granular fertilizer.

"Peabody Energy is undertaking a vital challenge that has the very real potential of not only improving our Nation's energy security, but improving our environment as well," Energy secretary Spencer Abraham said.

"The Peabody Mustang Clean Coal Project, including its unique Airborne Process, advances the President's Clean Coal Power Initiative by enabling us to make maximum use of coal, our most abundant energy resource. But the project is unique in that it also advances President Bush's Clear Skies Initiative by controlling harmful emissions from the plant, and doing so at a success rate we don't often see in an industrial setting."

The priorities for this round of competition were technology advancements for gasification-based electricity production, advanced mercury control, and sequestration or sequestration-readiness.