SCSR reporting made easier

US MINES can now report their self-contained self-rescue inventory electronically, making it easier for operations to meet new requirements under the MINER Act.
SCSR reporting made easier SCSR reporting made easier SCSR reporting made easier SCSR reporting made easier SCSR reporting made easier

The new SR-MP includes a mouthpiece, nose clip, and training cartridge, and it provides breathing resistance and heat for 10 minutes.

Donna Schmidt

Operators will now use Form 2002-222 to submit the number of rescue packs available at operations and submit it online to the US Mine Safety and Health Administration, including the serial numbers of each device as well as manufacturer details.

The forms, which can also be submitted by postal mail or fax, are a requirement of every US mine on a quarterly basis. New mines have three months from production commencement to make their submissions.

“MSHA’s maintenance of this inventory is a positive step toward facilitating the identification of potential problems with SCSRs,” MSHA assistant secretary Richard Stickler said.

“This accounting system will assist us in identifying specific mines that may be subjected to SCSR recalls.”

The MINER Act ruling associated with the announcement was effective December 8 of last year and outlined that the agency could begin collection of information after March 31 of this year. If problems are encountered with any SCSR, the mine must report the problem, any known information about possible defects, and a detailed description of the problem.

Once the report of damaged or defective units has been completed, mines are then to pull the pack, remove it from the electronic inventory and keep it for a period of 60 days.

The agency said last week that it will use the quarterly inspections of mines as a compliance check for the program. “If noncompliance is identified, appropriate enforcement action will be taken at that time,” MSHA said.

Operators may access the new form by visiting and clicking under “Forms/Online Filing”