L&L makes strides on clean energy push

CHINA-focused US miner L&L Energy has tapped a new strategic adviser to help the company with its clean energy initiatives.
L&L makes strides on clean energy push L&L makes strides on clean energy push L&L makes strides on clean energy push L&L makes strides on clean energy push L&L makes strides on clean energy push


Donna Schmidt

It has appointed WeiMing Global Private Equity partner David Wang to assist with its work with China State Council-approved investment entity the China Low Carbon Industry Investment Center in Beijing.

Wang’s PE fund concentrates on clean energy and environmental conservation opportunities under the China Economic Policy.

Additionally, the newly appointed adviser has a substantial background with the execution of many large China national development projects. He was a former director for China's state-owned enterprises under the China National Science and Technology Commission.

“We are pleased to recruit David Wang to help start L&L's clean energy initiatives in Beijing,” L&L director Dr Syd Peng said.

“His strong technology background and relationships with the PE industry in Beijing will help L&L secure additional financial resources for growth and expand our network in this exciting new arena."

In May, L&L confirmed plans to team up with Apollo Technology of Taiwan to grow its business and expand into the Far East’s clean coal sector.

The strategic partnership, officials said, spoke directly to clean energy demands in China and was in line with its mandate to expand its business and seek an alternative listing in a Taiwan deposit receipt issuance.

“Using the Apollo team and its experience, we will provide a basis to apply US clean energy technology in China and expand our business from before-combustion coal operations to after-combustion energy controls with our existing customers, such as Datang Utility, in response to the demands in China,” chairman and CEO Dickson Lee said at the time.

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