Caterpillar's optimised offering

CATERPILLAR’S new MaK 25E engine is set to hit the market in the December quarter, providing optimised performance and efficient part load range for offshore and coastal cargo vessels.

Andrew Snelling

The engine has been developed for state-of-the-art vessel designs which emphasise fuel savings, and is aimed at fattening the operator’s bottom line.

Caterpillar said the engine could help to save up to 40 tonnes of fuel per year when operating at variable speed, while vessels with lower loads able to save up to 60 tonnes.

The design is compatible with both traditional and modern mechanical systems as well as electric propulsion systems and comes in six, eight and nine cylinder configurations, offering between 2100 kilowatts and 3150kW at 720 and 750 rpm.

“The reliability of the new MaK 25E is assured, given that it is based on the legendary M25C platform,” Caterpillar Marine senior product definition engineer Detlef Kirstie said.

“In addition to adding a 5% power increase and reducing the fuel consumption on this platform, we also engineered the M25E to capitalise on the synergies between the engine, vessel and propulsion system.”

The engine also supports remote condition monitoring and diagnostic maintenance programs and is available in controllable pitch and fixed pitch propeller applications and generator applications.

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