All weather dust suppressant launched by RST

A NEW long-term, all-weather stabiliser and dust suppressant for new and existing pavements, Shield AWR, has been developed by leading Australian fine particle management group Reynolds Soil Technologies.

Lou Caruana

Shield AWR can be applied as a topical solution for dust suppression or a blended solution for dust suppression and stabilisation.

It delivers a non-slippery surface that requires minimal ongoing maintenance through its blend of nano-particles and dispersing technology, which allows for better material penetration, blending and contraction, delivering minimal to zero surface fines loss, according to RST.

Application of Shield AWR increases the structural integrity and longevity of gravels used in all civil construction and reduces material permeability, protecting sub-grade material, it said.

"Once applied, Shield AWR optimises the compaction and workability of gravels using less water, with reduced continual watering cycles required for dust suppression," RST said.

"Shield AWR improves the road running surface in all climatic conditions, maintains structural integrity in high and low moisture environments, and prevents frost heave affecting material in cold climates.

"Shield AWR can also be applied to existing pavements to rejuvenate them and make them dust-free."