Acquisition to provide 'missing link'

ISOLUTIONS’ entire suite of products specialising in asset management, life cycle costing, maintenance shift scheduling and budgeting will now form part of RungePincockMinarco’s technology business after it completed the acquisition of the software company.
Acquisition to provide 'missing link' Acquisition to provide 'missing link' Acquisition to provide 'missing link' Acquisition to provide 'missing link' Acquisition to provide 'missing link'


Lou Caruana

RPM will now provide the missing link between maintenance and production for mining companies and a strong platform for OEMs globally, it said.

RPM is now the sole provider of a technology solution that bridges the gap between production and maintenance - that will take mining companies and OEMs into the next era of mining, according to RPM CEO Richard Mathews said.

“We now provide the mining industry with a fully integrated production and maintenance planning solution – the next level of productivity that will redefine how the industry operates,” he said.

“RPM is now the only single vendor of a production and maintenance execution software solution in the mining industry. We are providing the technology needed for the next level of productivity to fundamentally change the way mining companies and OEMs operate their businesses.

"Combined, our solutions will reduce the cost of mining as both the production and maintenance teams will be using the same software applications to maximise the operational efficiency and productivity of their mobile mining equipment.

“This also further strengthens our relationship with SAP as it extends the value our customers get from their ERP implementations.”

Co-founder and managing director of iSolution Graeme Elgie said: “RPM is truly driving change in the mining industry and iSolutions has always adopted a similar vision.

“The fit between both companies was right. iSolutions is the trusted leader in asset management solutions for mining equipment and is the clear leading provider for both OEMs and mining companies globally. With iSolutions forming part of RPM, we will offer customers around the world – from mining companies to OEMs – unrivalled technology solutions to meet the existing demands of the industry and take them into the next era of mining.”

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