NMA chooses new board of directors

AT ITS recent annual Washington board meeting, the US National Mining Association (NMA) appointed its new board of directors, a selection of leading industry executives including mineral producers, coal producers and manufacturers/services figures. During the meeting, officers for 2005-06 were also confirmed.

Donna Schmidt

Each of the new board directors will serve two-year terms; NMA staggers its leadership’s terms so that, annually, half of the board is tapped to serve.

“The strength and effectiveness of any trade association depends above all on the voluntary commitment of its members,” said NMA chairman John Brinzo, who is president of Ohio-based Cleveland-Cliffs Inc. “Their valuable advice and counsel are indispensable to our continued success.”

Spirits were high at the annual conference, much due to the current positive upswing in the mining industry as a whole. Demand is high, a trend that will continue into next year and potentially beyond.

Returning as chairman of the NMA board will be John Brinzo of Cleveland Cliffs, and the vice president seat will be held by Foundation Coal president James Roberts.

Kraig Naasz, NMA president, will remain, and will be flanked by NMA senior vice president and general counsel Harold Quinn Jr and NMA senior vice president Nori Jones.

The new 2005-07 board members are as follows:

Coal Producers

J Cam Bateman, TransAlta Utilities

Donald Blankenship, Massey Energy

Greg Boyce, Peabody Energy

Michael Brandt, Lafayette Coal

Joseph Craft, Alliance Coal

John Grisham, Buckeye Industrial

Bonny Huffman, Sands Hill Coal

Wayne Isaacs, BHP Billiton NM

Brenda Jamieson, Jamieson Construction

Steven Leer, Arch Coal

Robert Murray, Murray Energy

Jon Nix, National Coal

Michael Puskarich, Cravat Coal

Michael Quillen, Alpha Natural Resources

George Richmond, Jim Walter Resources

James Roberts, Foundation Coal

John Stilley, Amerikohl Mining

Brian Sullivan, United Coal

Joseph Usibelli, Usibelli Mine

Charles Ungurean, Oxford Mining

Manufacturers & Services Two-Year Term (2007)?

LeRoy Hagenbuch, Philippi-Hagenbuch

Douglas Hardman, J H Fletcher

Michael McLanahan, McLanahan

Jeff Schmaling, Komatsu America

John Stoehr, DYNO NOBEL

Tim Sullivan, Bucyrus International

William Tate, DBT America

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