Skills training overhaul for Anglo Coal employees

ANGLO Coal’s 5000 employees will have their skills developed and recorded in a new training program being funded by the Queensland Government and overseen by the Mining Industry Skills Centre.

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The mining giant was awarded funding to deliver onsite training to workers at its Callide, Dawson, Capcoal and Moranbah operations in a series of modules transferable within the company and in the resources sector.

MISC manager of government funded programs Graeme Douglass told International Longwall News the training program was prepared by Anglo Coal and will be given funding by the Government as it achieves outcomes.

Douglass said each employee will be put through a series of training modules and will be issued statements of obtainment at the completion of each stage, allowing their skills to be recognised on an inter-site level and within the industry.

He explained that longwall miners at the Moranbah site will be given different training to those at the openpit operations but some modules, such as general health and safety, first aid and communications, will be generic and applicable to all sites.

Plant operations, emergency training and equipment handling modules, however, will cater specifically for below-ground operations and will be transferable within the industry.

Anglo Coal will be given government funding progressively as it reports to MISC with specific details on employee numbers, achievements and progress based on the program.

The funding comes from the MISC Infrastructure Funding Program on a 12-month basis. The centre is currently reapplying to the State Government to extend the funding program for another year after it expires in June 2008.

“The program is very results orientated and specifically planned for each minesite, offering employees an involved skills trained program that is then transferable across sites, saving time and providing an answer to skills shortages faced by employers,” Douglass said.

Of particular importance is the establishment and training of onsite mentors and assessors at Anglo Coal who will be able to deliver training to their colleagues, freeing up waiting periods for training operators.

“Previously there [could] be a hold-up for worker training depending on skilled trainers’ schedules but the mentor program will qualify staff to train their colleagues and set up an onsite training system,” Douglass said.

MISC currently works with several other mining companies on similar training programs but this is the first time a company the size of Anglo Coal has embarked on an overhaul of its training procedures on such a large scale.

MISC chief executive Derek Hunter said the transportable training initiative has many levels of benefits.

“Investing in innovative training initiatives such as this not only benefits the organisation and its employees, it also benefits the resources sector as a whole and helps to assist in addressing the current skills shortages the industry is facing,” Hunter said.

Anglo Coal Australia learning and development manager Michael Keep said the training project is a major step towards the standardisation of staff training across the organisation in a bid to reach a national standard of training.

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