Boyce encourages '21st century coal' in China

PEABODY Energy chief executive officer Gregory H Boyce has shared his views on how “21st century coal” can advance China's energy, economic and environmental objectives in an address to the China Development Forum Economic Summit in Beijing.
Boyce encourages '21st century coal' in China Boyce encourages '21st century coal' in China Boyce encourages '21st century coal' in China Boyce encourages '21st century coal' in China Boyce encourages '21st century coal' in China

Peabody Energy chairman and CEO Gregory Boyce.

Staff Reporter

"As China's unprecedented urbanization continues, coal provides the holistic path that the nation needs to provide abundant, affordable energy that drives social and economic progress while meeting the nation's environmental goals," Boyce said.

The concept of 21st century coal was introduced by the governments of China and the US in 2009 to advance the development of clean energy solutions from coal.

Requested to provide his policy recommendations for China's development, Boyce made three key recommendations at the summit.

Boyce encouraged China to assert its right to drive economic and social development through the use of the country’s domestic coal reserves.

He suggested that the country “follow the US model for solving urban air quality challenges” by increasing efforts to deploy modern emissions control technology in China's coal-fueled generation fleet.

Boyce also suggested that China continued to follow the principles of 21st century coal by implementing the highest standards for worker safety, resource recovery, land restoration and water use in its mining sector.

"China currently stands at a defining moment," Boyce said.

"As unprecedented urbanization continues, the leaders of this great nation recognize that continued development must be matched by care in air and water quality.

"I applaud China for taking a comprehensive approach to energy policy – one that advances energy access, economic growth and environmental protection.

“In the decades ahead, China is positioned to once again lead the world in providing the global blueprint for building a sustainable energy future built on 21st century coal."

China is the third-largest destination for US coal exports, trailing only the Netherlands and the UK.

In 2012, Chinese coal imports from the US totaled 9.3 million tons, with an overall import total of 290Mt – a 59% year-over-year increase.