Save fuel before getting in the truck

RISING fuel costs and environmental responsibility don’t have to be the sole concern of mine management, with the release of technology that reduces the impact of these challenges in training.
Save fuel before getting in the truck Save fuel before getting in the truck Save fuel before getting in the truck Save fuel before getting in the truck Save fuel before getting in the truck

Immersive technology simulator technology

Staff Reporter

Immersive Technologies has upgraded its advanced equipment simulators which give machine operators the skills and knowledge they need to operate in a fuel-efficient manner – before they are even onsite.

The technology is designed to train them to operate in a productive manner while assessing and eliminating behaviors that cause excess fuel consumption.

The simulator technology includes detailed monitoring of operator behaviors which directly relate to excess fuel consumption including levels of throttle and brake application for specific situations.

It enables both mining operations and trainers to specifically target and quantify fuel-inefficient behaviors during simulator training sessions.

“This technology is a further example of Immersive Technologies working with the mining industry to solve their challenges,” Immersive Technologies chief executive officer Peter Salfinger said.

“We took similar steps to assist the industry during a time of severe tire shortages.

“Our customers now commonly report increases in truck tire life of over 10% following the implementation of our tire preservation technology into their training programs.”

The technology acts as an assessment tool for managers to determine which fuel inefficient operator behaviors are most prevalent on their site and represent the greatest opportunities for savings.

“The fuel efficiency training service is not only a cost-effective way for management to target a reduction in onsite fuel costs but can be used to demonstrate a commitment to reduce onsite per ton greenhouse gas emissions,” Immersive Technologies professional services development manager Bryant Mullaney said.

The technology and training service can be applied to any Immersive Technologies advanced equipment simulator running the latest version of SimControl software version 4.6.