Mining gaining popular support in NSW

NEW research by the NSW Minerals Council demonstrates that 70% of people in the state support the industry and understand its economic importance.
Mining gaining popular support in NSW Mining gaining popular support in NSW Mining gaining popular support in NSW Mining gaining popular support in NSW Mining gaining popular support in NSW

Stephen Galilee

Lou Caruana

A separate survey focusing on the Hunter Valley revealed that four times more people support mining than oppose it in the region, with 73% recognising the importance of it for the local economy.

The NSW Minerals Council has launched an initiative to help give a greater grassroots voice to those who support mining in NSW.

Chief executive Stephen Galilee said the Voice for Mining initiative would help give a voice to those in the community with a genuine belief in the future of mining in the state.

“The first phase of our Voice for Mining initiative is the launch of a new website to harness online the grass roots voices of support for mining that we know are out there,” Galilee said.

“Our new website,, will help us to do that, starting with Facebook and using the hashtag #voiceformining on Twitter, and we encourage people to visit the site, register and get involved.”

The NSW Minerals Council will be expanding its Voice for Mining initiative with further options for people to get involved and make their voices heard, Galilee said.

“It might be writing a letter or email to your local MP to support mining. It might be writing a letter of support for mining to your local newspaper,” he said.

“Over two thirds of NSW residents support the state’s mining industry and 89% of people surveyed believe a strong mining industry is important for the future of the state.

“Mining plays a major role in our state and our nation and has done so for many decades, but we should not assume it will always be there to deliver the benefits we have all enjoyed in the past.”

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