Lighter remote operation

ONE of the problems with remote operation – particularly line-of-sight remote operation – has been the weight of the remote control unit, but a release from Remote Control Technologies may have removed that problem.

Staff Reporter

Its control master ATX2200 series is billed as being much lighter and more comfortable and easier to use than its predecessors.

Probably the biggest change has been in the battery area.

The advances here have made batteries much lighter. This is important because a large portion of the weight in the older remote units was from the battery.

Better yet, RCT has been able to not only get lighter battery units but also to have a 16-hour extended battery life.

It allows continuous use over an extended period.

While the company already supplies control master remote transmitters to mining operations around Australia, the control master ATX2200 series remotes incorporate technology that is compliant in all regions of the globe.

The device has been designed to meet key industry requirements.

It uses familiar graphics and international symbols clearly displayed on a colour monitor with audible alarms that enable easy operator feedback and control.

It provides a simple path towards full automation, being geared for line-of-sight and portable remote control to tele-remote and guidance applications.