DMT sets up expert body for ground movement

GERMAN-based company DMT GmbH has combined its expertise in measuring, assessing, modelling and predicting ground motion to found its own expert body for ground movement.

Lou Caruana

The new body will be managed by Karsten Zimmermann, who was officially appointed as an expert witness for mining-related subsidence.

On top of decades of experience in the field of calculating, measuring and evaluating ground movement, DMT operates monitoring networks worldwide and acts as an independent expert witness for authorities, private individuals and customers from industries such as mining and tunnel building, civil engineering and infrastructure.

The current subsidence caused by abandoned mine workings at Essen Railway Station, where DMT's experts have been entrusted with the task of inspecting and remediating the danger zones, is one example of the kind of ground movement DMT deals with.

“It’s not always man and machine, however, that are to blame,” Zimmermann said.

“Natural factors, such as landslides or geologically influenced ground movement can also give rise to subsidence risks.”

As well as the traditional fields of application in mining and tunnel building, DMT offers specialist services such as subsidence prediction, interferometric radar techniques, laser scanning and GNSS offshore applications, even in areas prone to explosion hazards.

Damage prevention is a significant aspect of the expert’s work.