Jindal's conveyor is India's longest

JINDAL Power uses the longest conveyor system in India to transport coal from its mines to its power station.

Lou Caruana

The coal is transported from the washery to the power plant by a 7km pipe conveyor belt. The pipe conveyor is the second-longest pipe conveyor in the world and the longest in India.

“It is an environment friendly, non-polluting safe and economic system for coal transport,” the company says.

The fuel supply for the power plant is met through the coal produced at the company's open cast coal mines in Sub Block IV/2 & IV/3 of Gare-pelma area in Mand-Raigarh coal field, about 10km from the power at Tamnar Tahsil in the Raigarh district.

The mine has a leasehold area of about 965ha.

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