St Louis initiative back in court

THE Take Back St Louis initiative will be back before a judge this week as it tries to spur a drastic shakeup of the way development incentives are given out.

Sadie Davidson

If successful, the initiative will disallow tax incentives for any company that engages in unsustainable energy production or does more than $1 million a year in business with an unsustainable energy company.

The initiative was originally removed from the April 8 ballot with a temporary sanction from Judge Robert Dierker, who called it punitive and unconstitutional.

The initiative was formed by Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment, which has protested St Louis coal giant Peabody Energy for many years.

The environmental group which submitted 36,000 signatures to get the initiative back on the ballot hopes to have it before voters in either August or November.

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