Historic coal breaker torn down

CONTRACTORS have begun dismantling the historic Huber Breaker in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, after months of planning.

Tim Treadgold

The new property owners plan to demolish the breaker and sell hundreds of tons of salvaged metal for scrap.

State officials said the coal breaker was at a risk of collapsing, but locals expressed sadness to see it go.

The breaker had been a part of the Luzerne county landscape for more than 80 years.

Local residents hope mementos from the breaker will be saved before its demolition.

There is a crusher on the top floor of the breaker that residents hope will be salvaged in order to keep a piece of the town’s industrial history alive.

The current owners have not specified how long the demolition will take or what will be taking the place of the Huber Breaker.