Guidelines to prevent vehicle accidents

AROUND 7.35pm on June 23 this year a 58-year-old truck driver, with five years of mining experience, was killed when his haul truck travelled through a berm at a US coal mine and dropped about 25m into a spoil.

Lou Caruana

To prevent this type of accident occurring again the US Mine Safety and Health Administration recommends that operators maintain control of equipment at all times during operation.

“Ensure seat belts are provided, maintained, and worn at all times when equipment is in operation. Incorporate engineering controls that require seat belts to be properly fastened before equipment can be put into motion,” it said.

“Conduct pre-operational checks to identify and fix any defects that may affect the safe operation of equipment before it is placed into service.”

MSHA also recommends that operators know the truck’s capabilities, operating ranges, load limits and safety features and that mine owners provide and maintain adequate berms on the banks of roadways where a drop-off exists.

“Ensure all grades and haulage roads are appropriate for the haulage equipment being used,” it said.

“Monitor work habits routinely and examine work areas to ensure that safe work procedures are being followed.”