Keeping tabs on worker travels

COMPANIES sending their workers out to remote locations face many challenges in ensuring safety, due to limitations in communication and resources.

Andrew Snelling

A collaboration between TMS Consulting and journey management software specialists JESI looks to combat this through the delivery of software to industry to improve the safety of remote workers travelling between destinations.

The journey management system is designed to control the risk associated with a travelling workforce, alerting employers via SMS and email when an employee doesn’t reach their destination within an expected time frame.

The system fits in with Work Health and Safety Act amendments, ensuring that companies have a communication process facilitating adequate response time to support employees in remote environments.

TMS will work with companies wishing to adopt the new system, helping them streamline the software into their operations and frameworks.

“With Australia’s heavy reliance on driving and our highly mobile industries, employees are at great risk out on the roads and employers need systems like this to ensure they know if anything untoward happens,” TMS CEO Helen Wood said.

“The key thing here is that rural road users are at a much greater risk because of the isolation and this software will immediately alert a company to any potential issues associated with staff not reaching their destination.”