Pump solves CSG production issue

AN AUSTRALIAN technical services company has launched a device to extend the run life of pumps in Australian CSG wells.

Noel Dyson

WellDog said its Progressing Cavity Pump Defender could reduce production interruptions for CSG producers by resolving the costly issue of settling solids.

The PCP Defender is a valve that automatically diverts the solids settling in CSG production fluid during shutdown into the annulus and away from the pump.

WellDog says its PCP Defender to be the first diverter valve for use with rod-driven progressing cavity pumps.

The valve has undergone extensive in-field trials with CSG producers in Australian CSG wells.

WellDog chief operating officer James Walker said almost half of Queensland’s CSG pumps were plagued with issues related to heavy solid production, which caused the pumps to fail regularly.

“By minimising the solids in this area of production the PCP Defender can increase the run life of pumps and reduce the number of pump shutdowns, allowing for production of more natural gas at lower cost,” he said.

Walker said the first installation of the PCP Defender was on a well that had experienced solid settling problems for months, forcing numerous shutdowns and costly workovers.

“The first well was at the point where the pump repeatedly jammed with solids, however, the operator installed a PCP Defender and since then the well has been dewatered without workover despite five system restarts,” he said.