US coal prep industry shoots for quality

QUALITY was the overriding theme at the Penton’s International Coal Preparation Conference & Expo event held in Kentucky earlier this year.

Lou Caruana

Technical sessions and topical workshops ensured that industry professionals from all over the world to share the latest ideas and most effective techniques on coal preparation and processing plant technologies, to increase plant productivity and reduce costs, Coal Prep show director Florence Torres said.

“It has been a tough year for coal and this sentiment was not lost at our event. What we’ve witnessed is the natural culling that occurs when an industry is turbulent. However, the key decision makers were present and exhibitors as well as attendees have a positive outlook for the industry in the coming year,” she said.

The conference program consisted of five workshops, four technical sessions as well as a keynote and general session. The keynote speech – “Preparing for an ever-changing market: the future of coal could lie in our hands” – started with an overview of coal preparation’s roots, with Doug Jenkinson, a retired coal preparation engineer, walking the audience through “how things used to be done”.

XT coal technology manager Dave Osborne outlined the preparation equipment and technology, specifically the newest technologies that should and will become standard for the industry.

In addition, the general session sparked an impromptu discussion forum about how industry players need to do more to educate consumers about the benefits of fossil fuel, especially coal.

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