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A NATIONAL provider of occupational medicine and general practice services will market its extensive service offering for the first time at the Mining & Engineering New South Wales exhibition.
Sounding healthy Sounding healthy Sounding healthy Sounding healthy Sounding healthy

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Noel Dyson

Sonic HealthPlus has more than 35 clinics across Australia, with facilities in the NSW region in areas such as Sydney, Newcastle and Canberra.

With more than 50 years of experience in delivering high quality healthcare to industry, it understands the importance of protecting a company’s workforce, which is its greatest asset, by maintaining health and wellbeing.

Sonic HealthPlus employs specialist occupation and environmental physicians, general practitioners, allied health professionals and medical support staff.

It claims to provide a holistic approach to health care by offering a range of services across its clinical services, site services and specialised service unit (SSU) divisions.

In NSW its offering is enhanced further by the existence of Sonic HealthPlus Newcastle Medical Centre, which is a highly specialised clinic equipped to handle all occupational health needs under one roof.

It has doctors and clinical staff that can provide a host of services including pre-employment medicals; specialised medicals; Workcover and injury management; specialised medicals, musculoskeletal and fitness assessments; skin checks including onsite skin screening; vaccinations and expert health and safety medical advice.

The team of doctors, nurses, allied health professionals and clinic staff are experienced in working across a range of industries.

Sonic HealthPlus also has the added benefit of being able to provide all occupational health and medical services under one roof.

Another benefit offered by the clinical services offered by Sonic HealthPlus is its client-focused communications system, which allows clients to make online bookings into any one of its 25-plus clinics easily and quickly and provides more information and guidelines on how medical assessments are administered.

The site services division of Sonic HealthPlus offers worksites or offices medical services within their own premises, with teams of health professionals who understand the complexities of delivering health services and are experienced in working across a range of industries, challenging environments, regional communities and remote locations.

Sonic HealthPlus’ SSUs consist of trained medical practitioners, who understand workplace and environmental hazards, as well as the risks of exposure to hazards and how adverse impacts from hazards affect the capabilities of employees, to ensure personnel are as safe and productive as possible.

The medical practitioners within the SSUs include occupational physicians, occupational physician registrars and senior medical practitioners.

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