CAS saved me: video

NEW Hope mine surveyor Martin Leggat thanks a collision avoidance system for saving his life at the New Acland thermal coal mine in Queensland.
CAS saved me: video CAS saved me: video CAS saved me: video CAS saved me: video CAS saved me: video

The north pit at New Hope's Acland mine.

Blair Price

In a video for the CAS solution, SAFEmine, the former police accident investigations and forensics specialist discussed the time he was unknowingly on a life-threatening collision path at the mine.

"I was driving along in a light vehicle and came to an intersection, looked both ways as you do, didn't see anything, so I started to accelerate,” Leggat said in the video.

"SAFEmine CAS went off – alerted me that there was a truck coming – and within a second there was a big [Caterpillar] 793 dump truck coming down on me, so it’s basically saved me."

He recommended that other minesites use systems like SAFEmine.

The 793C has 240 tonnes of carrying capacity.

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