Garlock expansion joints resist wear

GARLOCK has released a new Abra-line series of expansion joints which feature a proprietary urethane formula that provides excellent abrasion resistance to materials found in the mining and chemical processing industries.

Lou Caruana

The expansion joints, which are available in five different models, offer a range of service applications and provide exceptional reliability, according to Garlock product manager Sherwin Damdar.

“We set out to design expansion joints that can stand up to the demands of harsh, abrasive environments,” he said.

“Our new expansion joints are built to exceed those demands, offer a wide range of service applications and provide exceptional reliability.”

The propriety urethane formula used in the new series resists degradation in flue gas desulphurisation systems, phosphate mining, dry bulk power transfer systems, tailings, slurry applications and a wide range of abrasive environments.

Abra-line expansion joints can be ordered for pipes up to 120 inches in diameter (up to 48 inches for Style 4394) and designed in many different configurations. Eight different cover material options allow the joints to be customised to an application’s specific requirements.

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