Redfern appointed manager at RST

DUST suppression and soil stabilisation company Reynolds Soil Technologies (RST) has appointed David Redfern as senior business manager to assist with the company’s global expansion.

Lou Caruana

Redfern has more than 20 years of experience in the mining, agriculture, household and industrial cleaning industries, and will assist RST in developing and delivering its products worldwide.

Based in RST’s head office in Burleigh Heads in Queensland, Redfern will be responsible for operations in Australia and overseas and will assist in driving RST’s commitment to being a leading globally environmental compliance specialist company.

In this role, Redfern will identify business opportunities, develop communication strategies and further strengthen RST’s position in the global market.

Redfern said he was looking forward to the challenge of aiding RST’s rapid growth phase following the companies break-through in nano polymer technology which has led to the development of the Generation 2 nano polymer suite of upgraded products.

“My key role will be to future-proof our systems, processes and product range to make sure our organisation continues to meet the demands in a changing market,” Redfern said.

“It’s about having the right resources to seek out new opportunities and being prepared to launch our new product ranges which are constantly evolving due to the enhanced technology and continual testing RST carries out.

“Having had years of experience in the field of chemistry, I can see opportunities in the mining, civil and quarry industries that simply need the right solution. By working smarter we can achieve our goal of helping clients optimise their processes, reduce their operating costs and help them become more competitive.”

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