Phenolic foam completes certification, passes burn test

DYWI Mine Fill phenolic foam not only complies with the European Commission regulations but has also passed the DMT “big fire test” at its Dortmund test gallery in Germany.

Lou Caruana

Phenolic foams not meeting the formaldehyde threshold limits have been banned in Germany since April 2015.

DSI Australia ground consolidation division manager Ian Yates said passing all the German testing requirements simplified the process for mine evaluation and certification at the NSW Department of Primary Industries.

The burn test is an important element in compliance as the resistance to fire and heat is a high priority in mining applications.

The DMT facility for full scale fire testing to ISO 17025 was integral in verifying the performance and safety of the foam for use in underground mines, Yates said.

The approved foam provided extraordinary high foam expansion rates of 50:1 which would lower costs and reduce times for cavity filling of longwalls, gate roads and muck piles, he said.

DYWI Mine-Fill will be available in Australia from August this year.

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