No more new Chinese coal mines

CHINA will not approve any new coal mines for the next three years, according to the state-run Xinhua News Agency.

Lou Caruana

China’s National Energy Administration head Nur Bekri said: “To accelerate the elimination of inefficient production, in 2016, the government will work aggressively to shut down at least 1,000 coal mines which equals a total output of 60 million tons.”

For the next five years, the Chinese government also aims to add over 20 million kilowatts of installed wind power and more than 15 million kilowatts of installed photovoltaic power, the National Energy Administration said in a statement online.

This is part of the government's strategy to clean up air quality, which has been a growing environmental issue in the country’s major cities.

The government has also readjusted its targeted energy mix for 2016. Under the new blueprint, non-fossil fuels will make up 13.2% of the country's energy, an increase from 12% this year. The ratio of natural gas will also increase to 6.2% from 6% while coal usage will be reduced to 62.6% from around 64.4% this year.