Polish ambassador sings Prairie's praises

AUSTRALIAN Ambassador to Poland Paul Wojeciechowski offered his support for Prairie Mining’s Jan Karski coal mine project and said that the company sets the model of cooperation between Poland and Australia.

Lou Caruana

There has been significant government support shown to Prairie over its announcement of the final mine shaft location for the Jan Karski mine of the Lublin coal project in Poland, according to the company.

“Therefore, one of our objectives is to enhance the economic growth of both countries through new investments and job creation in the mining industry,” Wojeciechowski said.

“I see Prairie Mining as an excellent example of successful cooperation and an immense opportunity to share well-proven technological know-how between our countries.

“I am pleased to see how much Prairie Mining and their development of the Jan Karski Mine is welcomed by local communities and regional authorities. I see this as a mutually beneficial relationship in the future that we can continue to grow.”

Polish minister of development Mateusz Morawiecki, has announced the economic roadmap for Poland for the next 25 years. The Plan acknowledges the need for development in Eastern Poland. Specific solutions for the region are to unlock the industrial potential of the Lublin Coal Basin under a catch phrase “Coal 2.0”

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