Tinkler slams NCIG, PWCS

COAL magnate Nathan Tinkler will be seeking to get Mayfield residents onside as he prepares to lodge a preliminary environmental assessment for a coal loader on the former BHP steelworks site at Newcastle, New South Wales.
Tinkler slams NCIG, PWCS Tinkler slams NCIG, PWCS Tinkler slams NCIG, PWCS Tinkler slams NCIG, PWCS Tinkler slams NCIG, PWCS

Nathan Tinkler, courtesy Aston Resources

Lou Caruana

Tinkler has criticised the management of the Newcastle ports and has promised residents that he would behave differently from Port Waratah Coal Services and the Newcastle Coal Infrastructure Group who he said made “nothing more than token” efforts to deal with them.

Tinkler’s company, Hunter Ports, would aim to reduce dust emissions and develop an alternative rail route to ensure coal trains kept out of the residential suburb of Mayfield, he said.

"I am a proud Newcastle citizen and I am embarrassed at recent major developments such as NCIG and what they have done to our beautiful city," Tinkler wrote in a letter to Correct Planning and Consultation for Mayfield Group.

“Hunter Ports is currently assessing the economic viability and social sustainability of a coal terminal on the former BHP site.

"We plan to lodge a preliminary environmental assessment of the project in the next 30 days in which our plans will be placed on public display for comment and assessment."

Spokesman for the residents group John Hayes told the ABC it has met with Newcastle MP Tim Owen and has requested the port's master plan.

"We think everybody should know what the master plan is for the Newcastle Port so we can see what is going on," he said.

Owen said in the coming months it will go on public exhibition and the community will get to have its say on the master plan.