VLI Diesel prepares triple launch

VLI Diesel has three new products entering the market: the JUG-A-0 Z1060 and Z1210 – both major improvements to the JUG-A-0 product range – and the Driftrunner personnel carrier.
VLI Diesel prepares triple launch VLI Diesel prepares triple launch VLI Diesel prepares triple launch VLI Diesel prepares triple launch VLI Diesel prepares triple launch

Valley Longwall International's new JUG-A-0 product line.

Lou Caruana

VLI general manager Stuart Craig said the new Z series JUG-A-0 offered the most efficient out-of-the-pipe diesel particulate readings of any underground loader utility vehicle (ULUV) on the market.

"The JUG-A-0 is also known as the operator’s choice machine and branded as the market leader in operator comfort and visibility," he said.

"These advances are made through the use of a hydraulically adjustable canopy which allows the operator to raise and lower the canopy [from] heights of between 1700mm to 2200mm.

“The vehicle is also known as one of the quietest vehicles available in the market with a new look engine bonnet on both sides of the vehicle giving excellent maintenance access to the machine.

"Our product development teams have also introduced a new ULUV axle set and improved exhaust conditioning system, giving the three key improvements of decreased makeup water usage, increased diesel particulate filter life and the elimination of the mechanical exhaust flametrap."

The Driftrunner has a new 75 kW engine and induction system with better than a Tier 3 out-of-the-pipe DPM test results.

It has new axle systems and a new transmission.

"With more power, it is a cleaner, more efficient machine with DES longevity and an extended axle and brake life cycle," Craig said.

VLI is working on developments including an electronic engine system for all of its products, RST attachments, underground power generation and collision avoidance systems.

VLI is supporting 500 Driftrunners and 150 JUG-A-0s in the market with 41 Driftrunners, 36 JUG-A-0s and five 4000kg Brumby ULUVs on order.