DSI's development cable bolt cometh

DYWIDAG-Systems International has lifted the veil over its torque-tensioned resin-anchored cable bolt for coal.
DSI's development cable bolt cometh DSI's development cable bolt cometh DSI's development cable bolt cometh DSI's development cable bolt cometh DSI's development cable bolt cometh

DSI's EZI-ten.

Noel Dyson

Try saying that quickly several times in a row.

Designated the EZI-ten, the 23.5 millimetre bolt is an evolution of the company’s HI-ten cable bolt.

Designed and manufactured in Australia as a result of customer feedback, the EZI-ten flexi-bolt uses a strand locker to combine a barrel and wedge supported 23.5mm cable with a threaded tension system.

Pretension of the cable is achieved with a regular bolting machine by using a 56mm AF dolly without the need for a specialised hydraulic tensioner unit.

For the middle of the drive and at intersections, the bolt is designed for installation into the rock behind the coal to overcome any instability issues within the drive.

The addition to DSI’s flexibolt range comes in 3.5m, 6m and 8m bolts.

It is designed to overcome installation problems – such as the location of the drill pot – associated with some of the later model bolting methods and machines. Bolts are delivered to site assembled and ready for installation.

The bolt uses a HI-ten strand cable boasting minimum yield strength of 480 kiloNewtons and minimum tensile strength of 590kN.

Tail length is a minimum 160mm but will typically run out to between 180mm and 250mm – which are considered consistently short tail lengths for a bolt of this configuration.

The cable is attached to the tensioning system using a normal barrel and wedge fitting.

The minimum aperture needed to install the bolt is 75mm. The tensioning dolly maximum diameter is 74mm.

DSI reckons the bolt eliminates the need for any equipment or infrastructure changes and offers quick and easy installation with all contemporary bolting machinery.