Beating the boulders

THINK of it as body armour for the sidewall of haul truck tyres. That is effectively what RUD-Erlau has come up with.
Beating the boulders Beating the boulders Beating the boulders Beating the boulders Beating the boulders

The Sideflex product acts like body armour for tyre sidewalls.

Staff Reporter

Although haul roads are regularly cleared of spills and rock falls, it only takes one stray flint to instantly destroy a tyre and disable a truck with the consequent interruption to productivity.

Called Sideflex, this product can mitigate against that risk.

It comprises a set of replacement wheel nuts and extensions. They support a steel ring that has a fanned array of overlapping platelets.

The platelets shield the entire sidewall of the truck tyre, deflecting rock fragments away.

The Sideflex shield is made from an engineering polymer that has found many applications in the automotive and other industries.

The material has a unique memory capability that allows the platelets to deform upon impact and return to their original shape without any loss of integrity.

The entire Sideflex assembly is also lightweight and low profile so it does not affect the performance of the haul truck it is fitted to.

Already having undergone many months of extensive real-life, no-holds-barred field trials in a local quarry, Sideflex is performing well and delivering its promised potential.

The Sideflex system has been patented.