Peng heads Down Under

SIXTEEN cases of ground control failures in North America including pillar failures, roof falls, gutters, roof bolting failures, floor heave, multiple-seam mining and flooding in underground coal mines will be examined by ground control expert Syd Peng when he visits Australia in August.
Peng heads Down Under Peng heads Down Under Peng heads Down Under Peng heads Down Under Peng heads Down Under

Courtesy Syd Peng.

Staff Reporter

Peng will hold two-day courses in Brisbane, August 13-14, and Sydney, August 16-17.

He has more than 30 years experience performing research in and investing ground control problems in major coal-producing countries, and will speak on ways of investigating, identifying the causes and avoiding ground control failures.

Using case studies, he will look at massive pillar failures, massive roof falls, various types of gutters, failures due to adverse interaction in multiple-seam mining, floor heaves, roof bolting failures, yield pillar design and design of pre-driven recovery room.

Workshop attendees will also receive a copy of Peng’s recently released book, Ground Control Failures.

IIR Executive Development, which is organising the course, said the workshop would be suitable for coal mine management involved with operations, geotechnical engineers, consultants and government/regulatory officials responsible for the interpretation and investigation of ground control standards, structures and incidents.