UPDATE: 3 killed, 6 trapped and more injured at Crandall Canyon

AT LEAST three rescue workers have been killed at the Crandall Canyon coal mine in Utah, and an unknown number injured after the second roof-fall today.

Staff Reporter

The Mine Safety and Health Administration said yesterday that seismic activity on Wednesday night had forced rescue workers to temporarily suspend efforts.

But the rescue operations were restarted on Thursday, with sixty-five people being sent underground to help recover the 6 miners trapped since August 6.

It is now estimated up to 10 of these rescue workers have been injured, with more fatalities likely to be reported soon.

Throughout the rescue effort, MSHA has reported a number of "bumps" and "bounces".

"There was another significant bump overnight, but all workers were accounted for and are fine," the agency said Wednesday.

"On Saturday night, a significant bounce occurred and all rescue workers were withdrawn and accounted for."

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