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A NEW concept set to revolutionise underground mining roof bolting practices will be launched by Joy Mining Machinery at this year’s AIMEX. The new automated bolting unit, a Stamler BF14 feeder breaker, Joy 10SC32 BC shuttle car and Joy Powered Roof Supports will all be on display at Joy’s exhibit on Stand 110.

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The automated bolting unit will make its worldwide debut at AIMEX.

A Stamler BF14 feeder breaker, part of the company’s range of feeder breakers for both surface and underground mining operations, will be displayed.

The Stamler Underground Feeder Breaker is custom designed to cut operating costs and increase mine production by allowing mining, haulage and conveying systems to work at their most efficient rate.

A Joy 10SC32 BC shuttle car, powered by Joy’s patented OPTIDRIVE AC variable frequency drive system which integrates electrical, software, electronic and mechanical systems, delivers increased production, reduces maintenance requirements and improves manoeuvrability and control.

The interchangeability of OPTIDRIVE – a single, AC variable frequency for all Joy mining equipment – allows the mine operator to minimise his inventory while simplifying and maximising the efficiency of equipment maintenance and repair.

Joy Mining Machinery, the inventor of the shuttle car, recently marked the shipment of its 300th shuttle car (a 10SC32BC model) equipped with OPTIDRIVE AC variable frequency drive, demonstrating the worldwide success of its shuttle cars.

Other products on display will include Joy Powered Roof Supports, an armoured face conveyor and an RS20S control systems simulator.

The RS20S offers powerful and fast communication and can be easily retrofitted into any support fitted with a Joy hydraulics system. The RS20S is designed to support distributed logic, eliminating the need for central control and allowing all parameters to be changed from anywhere on the longwall face.

Visit Joy Mining Machinery at AIMEX 2007 on Stand 110.

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