Industrea reaches $20m milestone

AUSTRALIAN coal equipment supplier Industrea has had a monumental month reaching $A20 million worth of contracts with Jincheng Mining Group the latest Chinese miner to come on board.

Vivienne Ryan

As Industrea’s most recent success, the Jincheng contract was worth more than $A5 million.

The Jincheng Group, which has been an Industrea client since 2003, recently purchased two directional drilling and coal degasification systems, bringing a total of nine directional drilling systems purchased from the supplier.

Industrea’s most recent Chinese cash flow injection comes after a month of large contract wins.

Earlier this month the company added Zhengzhou Coal to its client list with a $A5.72 million contract for directional drilling equipment following last month’s $A10 million agreement to supply China’s Longmei Mining Group.

Industrea managing director Robin Levison said the company was establishing itself as a trusted name in the Chinese mining industry.

“We believe we will see a continued growth and profitability as the Chinese market recognises Industrea’s commitment to quality, in both our products and the service we provide to our clients,” Levison said.

Located in China’s Shanxi province, Jincheng produces anthracite coal from seams with high volumes of in-seam gas.

Industrea’s directional drilling equipment will help the degasification of Jingcheng’s coal mines through the placement of in-seam horizontal boreholes.

The equipment will also remove the methane for the Jingcheng Group’s methane-powered electricity plant at its Sihe coal mine, in Jingcheng City.

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