Help on steely issues

AUSTRALIAN steel companies are increasingly offering technical support to their customers to aid in product selection through to process design.
Help on steely issues Help on steely issues Help on steely issues Help on steely issues Help on steely issues

Queensland Minister for Mines Stephen Robertson

Angie Tomlinson

“Experience has shown that the earlier customers engage a technical support team in their project the better,” BlueScope Steel national uncoated technical manager John Dryden said.

“BlueScope Steel recommends engaging a representative at the feasibility and design stage so that they can recommend the best and most cost-effective way to proceed with the project.

“This ensures that along the production and manufacturing process, right through to completion, customers have qualified expertise to assist with their projects.”

Dryden said the service was offered to distributors, fabricators and end users, whether they were ordering 100 tonnes or 10,000 tonnes.

“Highly trained technical specialists across Australia and New Zealand can assist in delivering solutions for virtually any steel related problems, no matter how big or small – from the blade on a mining excavator to an offshore oil rig or a new ship for the defence force,” Dryden said.

For BlueScope, the key technical support areas include customer technical assistance, technical product management, technical literature and training, and customer process assistance.

The company also assists with issues relating to the use of BlueScope Steel products which include press forming, roll forming, joining and fastening, shearing and slitting, plasma/laser cutting, welding and finishing – painting, enamelling and metal coating.

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