Bucyrus hits 400 with CST

ORIGINAL equipment manufacturer Bucyrus has celebrated the completion of its 400th Controlled Start Transmission drive system which is heading from its German Lunen facility to a United States operation.
Bucyrus hits 400 with CST Bucyrus hits 400 with CST Bucyrus hits 400 with CST Bucyrus hits 400 with CST Bucyrus hits 400 with CST

Bucyrus celebrates completion of its 400th CST drive system.

Angie Tomlinson

The Jubilee System is a KP-CST 65 model and will be delivered to one of the OEM’s largest customers in the US together with two sister gearboxes. There it will be used on a Bucyrus face conveyor with a total installed power of 3 x 1.200kW.

Bucyrus was awarded the order for a face extension, equipping all 18 AFC's of this customer with two drive frames and three CST drive systems each, totalling 54 CST gearboxes.

The complete program extends over several years.

The CST was developed in a joint venture with Bucyrus underground segment predecessor Westfalia Lünen and US company Baldor Dodge Reliance.

The joint venture was initiated in 1993 with the first installation two years later at the TwentyMile longwall in Colorado.

Bucyrus has now extended the joint venture with a renewed agreement last year granting the OEM exclusivity to use the technology for its chain conveyors.

The drive system consists of a Bucyrus planetary gearbox with an integrated infinitely controlled Baldor Dodge Reliance CST multi-disc clutch and PMC-D control system.

The drive system is currently available in 500kW, 800kW, or 1.200kW.