Cornwall off-market, mini wall for sale

CEMENT Australia has taken its Cornwall Coal operations in Tasmania off the market but has now placed up for sale a mini wall it no longer has use for, as it moves to a new area of its bord and pillar mine.

Angie Tomlinson

Cornwall Coal owns and operates underground and open cut coal mines, and a coal washing and processing plant, with the main facilities located in northeast Tasmania.

The mines produce 400,000 tonnes of washed coal per year, of which Cement Australia uses 170,000t for its manufacturing operation while local customers take the remainder.

Cornwall Coal general manager Colin Bailey told International Longwall News that despite receiving some interest in the operations, buyers did not meet value requirements and could not guarantee security of supply.

Bailey said with the operations now off the market, Cornwall Coal had no plans to expand the mines or export coal to the mainland or overseas and would continue with the current status quo.

The bord and pillar operation – where coal is extracted with three continuous miners and shuttle cars – is, however, moving to a new area of the mine where conditions are no longer conducive to the mini wall the company owns.

Cornwall Coal originally bought the 50-metre mini wall from the Gretley operation about four years ago.

The wall consists of 26 supports, hydraulics, an armoured face conveyor, crusher, shearers, electrical sled, monorail, spare parts, conveyor bootend and belt system.

The supports are Dowty 400-tonne, 2-leg shields with a range of 1.4-2.8m, while the Anderson AM500 shearers, one left-hand and one right-hand configuration, have 370kW of power.

The hydraulics include two Hauhinco pumps, the crusher is a Klockner Becorit SB63M and the H&B Roller Curve AFC has about a 1000t per hour capacity.

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